Main/Rhein 2009

After my first ever trike tour (my Mosel trip in May 2009) I decided I’d like to go touring with a bit of company.

PippaG from a cycling forum said that she would like to come along and so we duly made arrangements to head to Bamberg by train and then cycle back. We weren’t sure how long we’d be away so would play it by ear but assumed we’d get the train back from Germany rather than cycling all the way through Holland as well.

To Harwich and beyond
Hoek van Holland to Bamberg by train
Bamberg to Schweinfurt
Schweinfurt to Würzburg
Würzburg to Wertheim
Wertheim to Aschaffenburg
Aschaffenburg to Mainz
Mainz to Spay
Spay to Bonn
Bonn to Köln, Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland
Harwich to Great Bromley


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