Konstanz to Koblenz 2013

Konstanz to Koblenz 2013

I so enjoyed my Berlin to London ride in 2012 (701 miles across Germany and Holland) that I decided, as soon as I got home, that I would do a long ride on my own again in 2013. But which route?

In the end I decided it would be rather lovely to cycle around Bodensee (Lake Constance) in the south of Germany. Bodensee borders Austria and Switzerland so I’d have a chance to visit a few more countries on the route.

Of course, it’s a relatively short ride around Bodensee (only a couple of days) so I’d need to do a few more miles to make the long train journey worth it. As it happens, the Rhein river route goes from Konstanz so that seemed an obvious choice. I’ve done Part 3 of the Rhein route (from Mainz north towards Holland, although only as far as Duisburg) but Parts 1 and 2 are entirely unknown to me.

So I have invested in the relevant Bikeline books (four of ’em, which actually is rather heavy so I’m wondering if it was the best idea to cart them 800 or so miles on my trike), have downloaded various GPX tracks of the route, have vaguely organised my daily distances so… it’s time for the off!


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