Alfie the Trike

Alfie, the ICE Sprint

Summary of most popular posts:
Alfie the trike is here!
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the wrong oil)
Servicing the Alfine 11 hub gear (using the correct oil)
A winter service
Changing the Alfine 11 sprocket
Fitting a replacement chain tensioner

I have owned a Trice Q since May 2008 and have cycled over 25,000 miles on it.

As my 40th birthday approached I decided an ideal present would be a new ICE trike, this time a Sprint, but with some non-standard parts.

I had lots of long conversations with ICE (Inspired Cycled Engineering) about what would suit me best and they gave lots of advice. I didn’t take all of their advice of course, as I had already decided to have an internal hub gear which they are less keen on, but in due course the trike was fully specified, ordered and then it arrived.

I have written a number of blog posts about Alfie:

Alfie the trike is here!

A recumbent trike is quite big – where am I going to put him? A new home for Alfie!

I love my hub gear – but it started to misbehave. Alfie going in for repair… well, his back wheel.

Once the new hub was run in I had to do the first oil change. This turned out to be a rather interesting experience! Alfie’s Alfine 11 hub gear gets its first service

After another 4000 miles I had another go at the service – with more success! Alfie’s hub gear gets its second (and more successful!) service.

And 17 months after I first got Alfie we have now cycled over 10,000 miles together! 10,000 miles of slow sprinting!

And eventually those annoying rattly mudguards got their chance for a Heath Robinson repair!

After the chain snapped during a cold, snowy January I gave Alfie a good winter service which included a new rear mudflap.

And then I had to change the sprocket on the rear hub. Alfie gets some new teeth!

I also had problems with a corroded brake pad adjuster on the Avid BB7 disc brakes – and had to boil, burn, chill and drown the relevant bit in order to free it!

After 12,000 miles I needed to replace the rear derailleur that works as a chain tensioner. I decided to fit the Alfine chain tensioner rather than another Sora derailleur.


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  1. Excellent post, very good read. thanks for taking the time to share this.

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