About Auntie Helen

I’m a keen cyclist who particularly likes visiting Germany, with or without bicycle!

I ride a recumbent tricycle due to a slight disability in my left arm which means I can’t lean on it too much. Since I bought my trikes I’ve found how much I love riding and go out as much as I can.

In 2009 I cycled over 12,000 miles. Since then I’ve been doing fewer miles (8000 in 2010, 5000 in 2011, 8000 in 2012) due to various other parts of life getting in the way.

I have two trikes. The first, my Trice Q, was bought in May 2008 just after I moved to the north Essex countryside. This trike has now done just over 25,000 miles.

The second trike, Alfie, is an ICE Sprint with a few modifications (Alfine 11 hub gear, SON dynohub in the front right hand wheel) and I bought him in June 2011.

And as for Germany… well, the land of Torte und Kuchen (cake and cake!) is always a great place to visit. Berlin is my favourite bit of Germany but everywhere else is a reasonable second.

In between cycling and eating German cake I work freelance for a UK book and record distribution company and do lots of book reviews as a hobby.


11 responses to “About Auntie Helen

  1. Jeff Shone

    Hi Auntie Helen! Love your blog.
    Thanks for replying on my post in the Trike forums. 🙂
    I shall be blogging about my trip to see Kevin at D.Tek to try out some trikes.

  2. where did you get you trike from Helen?

  3. I got it from ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) whose website is http://www.icetrikes.co

  4. steve

    what model is it?

  5. jake perkins

    I think its incredible what you have done.

    I am a student on an exchange year in Berlin and me and a friend want to attempt the bike on the R1 route from Berlin to Calais and then onto London. At the moment it is nothing more than an idea. Any advice from you would be greatly appreciated on how to prepare and carry out the 770 miles or so, did you have any support cars or anything going along with you?

    You are an inspiration.

  6. I am so glad that you liked our concert yesterday. Many of the choir had sung the Dew of Heaven last October when we performed the “world premiere” with Ely Choral Society in Ely Cathedral. The choir was somewhat larger then – some 130 singers! It was quite different yesterday, but we too were pleased with the performance. Shame we didn’t get to talk- perhaps when you come back next year…

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