B2L – Home to Harwich (Day 1)

Day 1: Home to Harwich

So everything was finally ready! Alfie had been cleaned, serviced, had a new chain and was generally looking shiny. I had my last German lesson of my University course (I’m missing one of the final exams, the oral, as I’ll be somewhere near Münster on that day). I finished off some final bits of work, clipped the dog, double-checked my packing and then off we went!

Mark Lister, a chum, was coming with James and I to Harwich. Our next-door neighbour Lesley came and took some photos of us with her decent camera and then we were off.

It was a lovely evening for cycling and the tailwind was very handy (for me, at least; Mark and James would have a headwind on the way back).

We stopped for a hearty dinner at The Cherry Tree in Little Oakley and then had a four mile downhill ride to Parkeston where, after a short queue, I was boarding the ferry.

I was directed to park my trike right at the very back of the ferry, out of the way – but I think this probably means I will be the last off tomorrow morning!

(In this second pic you can just see my headlight shining from its hiding place at the back of the ferry).

I found my room, put my gadgets on to charge and then it was time for a sleep.

Tomorrow is my train journey (well, five different trains) to Düsseldorf.

Statistics for today:

Distance travelled: 16.47 miles
Moving time: 1 hour 31 minutes 10 seconds
Maximum speed: 23.8 mph
Average speed: 10.8 mph



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3 responses to “B2L – Home to Harwich (Day 1)

  1. Luc

    Good luck and lot of fun

  2. Jeff Shone

    All the best wishes to you Helen from your fan in Yorkshire. GO YOU!!!

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