Alfie’s Alfine 11 hub gear gets its first service

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7 responses to “Alfie’s Alfine 11 hub gear gets its first service

  1. Jeff Shone

    Nice write up Auntie Helen. I am sure others with this hub will find this a great help.
    I am going to pick up my first trike on Saturday! I got a second hand Trice Classic. I am so exited I cannot wait!

  2. Peter Drake (cambournepete)

    Good write-up!
    Well done to Madison for offering to sort out the problem for you.

    • Yes, particularly as the problem was nothing to do with them at all.
      Someone has commented that Madison appear to think I’ve used Hydraulic brake oil whereas I have actually used hydraulic mineral oil for disk brakes which this person thought is much less of an issue, so hopefully I haven’t done any long-term damage!

  3. Jon

    An enquiry to Auntie Helen. Could you tell me some about what happened with your first Alfine 11, replaced on warranty? I have a new Alfine11 with just over 100 miles on it. It’s making a strange, irregular clicking, snapping sort of sound when pedaled. It shifts and works fine except for the odd sounds. I’m trying to determine if I have a serious problem or not. Thanks for any informative help you can offer!

    • Hi Jon,

      I can’t offer much help, I’m afraid, with regard to the strange noises. To get my Alfine replaced I went back to the supplier of my trike who arranged the replacement through Madison, the UK’s Shimano distributor. From them on I dealt directly with Madison (i.e. sent my wheel to them).

      I suggest you ask the supplier of your hub to contact your country’s distributor on your behalf and see what they say.

      Auntie Helen

      • Jon

        Thank you Auntie Helen.

        I’m working with my bicycle company now. We’re trying to determine if there’s really a problem or not. The hub functions well, but has the strange clicking. You’re the first person I’ve heard of who’s had to have an Alfine 11 replaced. Most people just say they work great. I’ll keep looking around and see if I can find anyone else having troubles. Thanks for you’re story on the oil change. It helps us all to know what to watch out for!


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