Düsseldorf – the Altstadt and the Helter Skelter bridge

The first cool day since I’ve been in Germany, a very comfortable 22 degrees and overcast so it felt colder.

After last night’s rain I fitted my front mudguards (thinking the routes might be a bit mucky) and set off for the Helter Skelter bridge, which is north of the Altstadt.

I arrived at the bridge after 14 miles (I took the scenic route that stays beside the river).

Here I am looking back at Düsseldorf to the south:

I went across the bridge from East to West (no interesting Helter Skelter on the Eastern side).

Then at the end, a warning…

I looked down and saw someone coming up the bridge so waited for him to get to the top before I set off.

As I went down I filmed it with my camera. Unfortunately it’s 29mb so I need to do something with the file before I can upload it – that something may require me to be at home in England with the other Mac which has video editing tools. We’ll see.

And at the bottom:

I cycled back along the western bank for a little while, passing a field which had these chappies in it:

Then home in light drizzle for lunch.


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