Düsseldorf – Neukirchen

I got up a bit later this morning and had planned to just do a vague ride but in the end decided to plan something a bit more interesting with the maps that Redfalo from CycleChat lent me.

I crossed over the more northerly bridge and made my way into Neuss, following a rather lovely river called the Erft.

Which is apparently a canoeing river – you can see the slalom poles in the background.

I then came to a very attractive mill.

The other side of which had this lovely, calm river.

The cycle routes were all excellent on this stretch – mostly asphalted with just a few gravel patches and some odd areas of cobbles.

Eventually I arrived at this village (can’t remember its name) which was decked out in bunting throughout. What tickled me about this particular section was that in the foreground on the left hand side someone has hung out some silk boxer shorts for their bunting – I think it’s just about visible in the photo.

The first 15 miles of the ride were really nice, mostly cycle paths through fields and alongside rivers. However the final 10 miles were less exciting, following roads on cycle paths beside them. I have plans to re-do this route backwards next week to see everything from a different perspective.

I crossed over the motorway bridge back to the correct side of the Rhein.

I’d done 24.5 miles by the time I got home and it was a very pleasant trip indeed.

Oh, and my cycling sandals suntan is still as impressive as ever!


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