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“There may be a better land where bicycle saddles are made out of rainbow, stuffed with cloud; in this world the simplest thing is to get used to something hard.” Jerome K Jerome in Three Men On The Bummel.

However, this is not quite true! There is a world of a comfortable bicycle seat and it is the world of recumbent bikes. For extra stability I have an extra wheel and I have an exceptionally comfortable mobile deckchair which I use to pootle around (in 2009 I covered 12,000 miles).

As a keen recumbent tricyclist and lover of Germany and its cake, what could be better than combining my two interests by cycling in Germany and eating lots of cake!

Cycle Tours
This blog has reports written daily on each of my previous tours.

Mosel 2009 – my first tour, solo, and a real learning experience

Main/Rhein 2009 – a tour from Bamberg to Köln with Pippa Gardner.

Mosel 2010 – the Mosel and a bit of the Rhein with James (my husband) and friends Peter and Jan (the Wowbaggers)

Düsseldorf 2010 – I spent four weeks in Düsseldorf for a language school and cycled 1,000 miles around and about whilst I was there.

Bayreuth to Bingen 2011 – a tour with my husband James to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was along the whole of the Main river (apart from a short bit at the end by train) and then some of the Rhein.

Berlin 2011
– I was in Berlin in September 2011 and cycled the route of the Berlin Wall over two days plus many other rides visiting the sights and various parks.

I cycled from Berlin to London in April/May 2012 in aid of the charity Help For Heroes (for which I raised over £3,000). This was a journey along the European Cycle Route R1 and was a total of 701 miles, alone and unsupported.

I took my trike (as well as my dog Poppy) to Nettetal in Germany (right on the border with Holland near Venlo) for some gentle cycling in August 2012.

I took my trike, my husband, my in-laws and my dog to Koblenz in September 2012.

I have long held a desire to go and live in Germany for a year. I decided in 2012 that I would go ahead and do this, with the plan to go out to Germany in 2014. Of course I had to find somewhere to stay for a year and had several places under consideration (including Nettetal and Koblenz, visited earlier in the year). For my pre-Christmas trip I decided to go to Mönchengladbach to see what I thought of the town.

About my trikes
You can also read about my new trike, Alfie, received in July 2011 – including lots of photos of building the bike, and even a very long report about building a shed to fit him in!

After 10,000 miles I wrote a report on how he has fared: 10,000 miles of slow sprinting. And a mudguard repair!

5 responses to “Home

  1. Safe journey and have a great time!

  2. Bite the street Helen!!!! You’re a great one!!!
    Greetings from Italy

  3. Oh great . I’m cycling Europe starting 30th May and spending approx 6 wks in Germany . Information gleamed . Thanks and safe journey .

  4. steve

    Hi helen, what model is your old bike and where did you get it from? thanks Steve

  5. Hi Helen, I just came here after ICE posted it on twitter, could you please get in contact if you have time, I have a couple of questions regarding the sprint. I am raising funds just now to buy one because I am no longer able to cycle upright http://www.gofundme.com/Gkam84

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